Aperture f/1.2 (Melbourne City Council)

Orbiting Bodies Meet (SAM)

EON Project (MAF)

Flow Equation (TWMA Biennial 2021)

Electric Water (MAMA)


Aperture f/2 (VIC)

Liminal Trajectories (CAVES)

Seismic Field, (GAGProjects)

Refraction Principle (GASP)

Floodplain (NGV)

Seismic Field, (VIC)

Water Gate (KdMoFA)


Empire of Dirt (RMIT)

Void of a River (TAS)

Archaeology of Time (VIC)

Watertable (VIC)

Resurveying Site I (Dallas)

Periphery (Dallas)

Magnetic Eclipse (UK)

Standing Wave (HOORN)

Standing Wave (HALIFAX)

Kinetic Horizon (VIC)

Drawing Subterranean (THE HAGUE)

Drawing on Thresholds (ISRAEL)

Drawing Horizons (VIC)

Drawing Amplitude (THE HAGUE)

Double Fountain (HALIFAX)

Vanishing Point (BRUSSELS)

Drawing Horizon (THE HAGUE)

Living Monochrome (QUEBEC)

Drawing Field II (QUEBEC)

Drawing Inland Sea (VIC)

Bridge Drawing Water (SA)

Artesian (24HOUR ART)

Salt Drawing Lake (AGSA)

Picnic (CONICAL)

90 Degrees Equatorial Project (AEAF)

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